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Yama ni Sumu Kami
The God Who Lives in the Mountain, The Deity Atop the Mountain
Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
5 (Completed)
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Yama ni Sumu Kami

Atop the mountain, there lived a deity with a tiger in his household. A fair maiden ventured alone... to see the deity of the mountain. The head of a village plagued by a man-eating tiger offers his daughter Hyeon-na to any man who successfully disposes of the tiger. Dismayed at being treated as a trophy, Hyeon-na sets out alone to the mountain where the tiger lives... Collection of short stories: 1. Etsujinka (Song of the Yue Maiden) 2. Yama ni Sumu Kami (The Deity Atop a Mountain) 3. Ryakudatsu Sareta Musume (The Abducted Maiden) 4. Toukasen (The Folding Fan with Peach Blossoms Motif) 5. Seirou Nyonin-koku (Brothel: Women’s Territory)

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